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What are Blue Bag Library Days? 

  • Blue Bag Library Days occur in April to introduce children and families to the extensive resources found at eight community libraries in our region where love of books can be nurtured for life for free. A special field trip is planned for all preschool classrooms with children age three and above.

  • Each classroom visits the library at a coordinated time for storytime and a library orientation with the local children's librarian. 

  • Each child also receives his/her very own blue Raising A Reader library book bag to keep as gift, and children whose parents have completed a library application in advance receive their first library card attached to their blue bag.


Why do we do Blue Bag Library Days? 

  • The library is a great resource for children and parents to learn about and use and the earlier the better!

  • Learning about the library reinforces the importance of reading. 

  • The special nature of a field trip helps to increase the excitement around reading. 

  • Having the Blue Bag around is a constant reminder to read, read, read! 

  • Receiving a library card is a big first step to creating a life-long reader. 

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