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What is the Raising A Reader Bolsitas Rojas/Little Red Bag Club red bag program?

  • Bolsitas Rojas/Little Red Bag Club is a community outreach program designed to connect with low-income families whose children ages 2-5 years old are not attending preschool. Neighborhood groups of parents and children meet in an accessible community location like a library, church or school. 

  • Each week, children hear stories and engage in an activity while parents discuss progress at home with read-aloud time and oral-language engagement. A red book bag with four books is sent home every week with each family.

  • Currently RAR facilitates weekly Bolsitas Rojas/Little Red Bag Club sessions in 5 neighborhoods from Basalt to Rifle.

  • There are set times and locations for each Bolsitas Rojas/Little Red Bag Club.  Click here for a current schedule.   

Why is it important?

  • In low income families, children who are not enrolled in preschool or formal childcare are often at risk of slipping behind their peers in oral language development and school readiness. Parent often lack the resources for books and may not be aware of the significance of oral language interaction in a young child's life. Bolsitas Rojas provides books, guidance for parents and social interaction for children.  

  • Parents come together in a small group to learn together and share with one another. This is a powerful community connection and helps parents realize they are not alone as they strive to do what is best for their child.

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Bolsitas Rojas Advertising

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