"One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time. "


Book Bag Manager (& optional classroom reader)

Duties: Support teachers and children by managing weekly rotation of book bags (check in and check out) in a preschool or kindergarten classroom.

Time requirements: 45 minutes per week, typically on the same day each week. It is possible for two volunteers to job share – alternating every other week. 

There is also the option of reading a story to the children each week in addition to bag management. Time requirements: One hour per week, typically on the same day each week.

Comments: Children “check out” a Raising A Reader book bag each week, typically on the same day of the week. Each bag has four books and is kept by the child for one week. Classroom volunteers record incoming bags from the previous week and assign new bags for the upcoming week. Volunteers also briefly check the condition of each book. Opportunities to chat with children regarding their favorite books.

Board Member

Duties: Attend six board meetings per year. Help build and expand our network of relationships to improve awareness and/or create support. Use personal and/or professional skills to advise and assist the organization (public relations, marketing, finance/accounting, education, presentation/facilitation, fund-raising, event planning, human resources, writing/editing).

Time requirements: 2 hours a month (meetings every other month)

Comments: We want our Board to be advisory and also interactive so that each board member fully understands our work and impact. We seek to dramatically increase community awareness of the critical importance of parent engagement and books for a young child’s development.

General/Office Help/Social Media/Web/Video/Public Relations

The projects involved here will vary based on your skill set and willingness/interest in helping. Could range from social media posting (facebook, pinterest, linkedin) to creating web content, writing articles/producing advertisements for newspaper or radio, or helping develop video content for parent education or public awareness. If you’ve got the energy and the talent, we welcome the help! 

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VOLUNTEER TESTIMONIAL--- Raising A Reader is such a great program. I'm happy to volunteer to support it in any way that I can! 



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